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Ask yourself how many hours per week before Elections should you designate to helping others, your community and your democracy?

Small investment time

Political Sign in window/yard/bumper

Wear button/bumper sticker for cause/candidate

Sign digital petition social / political cause

Sign paper petition for political candidate

Send letter to government official

Contact government official about an issue

Call your representatives - daily/weekly

Follow / reposting a politician/candidate on social media

Write OpEd

Checkbook activism

*Making a political $ financial investment/donation (the only easy and quick civic activism that has cumulative large effect)

Invest/donate to political organization

Invest/donate to social cause organization

Decide what fraction of annual salary (1%, 1<3%, 3<5% ?)

Invest in a candidate

Invest in a ballot item, party, PAC etc.

Invest in a house of worship

Invest in a social cause / activist group

Donating in the name of someone else to spur activism

Donate + attend fundraiser/book signing

Medium Investment time

Phone bank for candidate

Text bank for candidate

Canvas for candidate/cause

Fundraise - dinner party, concert, performance

Send postcards to voters

Artivism - political/social statement through artS

Boycott AND Tell others about your boycott

BUYcott AND Tell other about your BUYcott

Post/comment/photos regularly about political or social issue

Blog consistently about politics / social issues

Attend political meeting local, town, school affairs

Active member of a group

Attend a political rally or speech

Volunteer for candidate or political party

Volunteer for election / census / governemnt institution

Make a public speech about community / local / political

Attend organized demonstration/march/protest

Active member of political/social group

Work with fellow citizens to solve a problem in your community

Active member of a group that requires physical participation

Prepared for mass action

birddogging representations

birddogging enablers

recruiting other activists

organize fundraising event / dinner party / candidate

High Investment time / consequence

Start / co-found a activist group


Civil disobedience

Hunger strike

Strike / work slow-down


**Be alert for hollow activism "Slactivism" which undermines energy for meaningful activism: tweeting, social media, Watching news, reading, Facebook communication (meaningful only for organizing)

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