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About us:  E pluribus unum

You cannot successfully "outsource" your democracy. "We the People" have to participate - more than the just the final action of voting in elections. Unfortunately "big" money has corrupted politics and our democracy - but we progressives MUST invest money to win elections - so we can regain control to fix our democracy.  Investing money in candidates/elections is another form of voting - it multiplies your vote and allows you to "vote" with your wallet in other races outside your local elections

Amplify your "time and investment vote" by spreading word to your friends and family who you invested in and that you have invested. Challenge and them to do so as well. SEND THEM our website:

Even $25 helps when multiplied, get your friends to invest and match your investments.

We are - an independent, patriotic, non-profit,  group of volunteers who aspire and fight for an America that one day realizes her promises of Liberty, Equality, Diversity and Justice for ALL.

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