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Successful Investments 2018 helped direct and strategically invest >$30,000 in mid-term elections 2018.

Like it or not - money is needed to fix our democracy. Investing money in upcoming mid-terms is another form of voting - it multiplies your vote and allows you to vote in other StatesMoney has corrupted politics and our democracy - but we MUST invest money to be able to regain control to fix our democracy. 

Amplify your investment vote: spread the word you have invested to your friends and family - and challenge and ASK them to do so. SEND THEM our website! We do not collect money - we direct people to directly invest in candidates campaign using the Acblue Platform.


Even $25 helps when multiplied, get your friends to invest or match your investments.


How / How much?

2%? of your income/worth. Any amount helps.

If you haven't donated before - vote with your wallet.  

1-Sign-up for Actblue you can invest any amount

2-We have made a list of recommended candidates you can vote for with your wallet. You do not have to live in Maine to vote against Trump's enablers - like Susan Collins. You can invest/vote with your wallet for her challenger in 2020


in 2018 - We made a list of the top 20 competitive races items that were ranked as

a) "Toss-up" as of October 1st, 2018 - but

b) also districts Hillary Clinton won in 2016 (means they were likely winnable). 

We won 16 of our 20 Congress races. 

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