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2022 November Election Day Countdown

Voting is an essential civic duty and critical to eventually achieving a truly representative democracy. However, in this era with our democracy in crisis - with the Republicans and Trump no longer upholding their oaths to uphold the U.S. Constitution - the stakes of the future of our democracy are on the line daily and especially November 8, 2022 - you must vote AND do more than vote!


Voting is essential - but no longer sufficient. Your weapons to fix our democracy are:

Step 1 - Invest / sacrifice time to help causes NOW and prepare for Nov. 8 

Step 2 - Invest money to support candidates, their campaigns and ideas

Step 3- Mobilize people you care about to vote and get involved with you.                    You have "social capital" you can invest. 

Getting involved in civic "activism" and doing the three steps above multiplies your vote and supports the people fighting for our democracy. Participation also promotes progressive values and those who fight against the Trump and Republican regressive agenda. Activism is a personal choice to rise above apathy and frustration - and to act on behalf of those who don't know how or have the ability to get involved - such as immigrants, children etc... 

NOTE: your civic duties and power are NOT limited to your local community - you can and should invest money and time to support democracy and candidates across the country. We believe you have an obligation to help your democracy wherever you can. Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.


For decades Republicans have been working across the country waging war on and coopting our democratic institutions - perverse gerrymandering, purging voters from voter roles, undermining the Voters Rights Act, weaponization of dark money etc. THEY are doing a lot more than just voting. To counter this - so will WE!

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